open close type description rev
02/16/08 02/17/08 done canceling render by rezooming causes duplicate thumbnail
02/16/08 02/17/08 done document and history must include all settings that affect rendering
02/16/08 02/17/08 done adding thumbnail should scroll list to bottom
02/16/08 02/17/08 done thumbnail should include rectangle around area that was zoomed
02/16/08 02/18/08 done show preview image at start of render if possible
02/17/08 02/18/08 done convert history to a vector of snapshot ref ptrs
02/17/08 02/18/08 done allow file drop and shell open
02/17/08 02/18/08 done add thumbnail after each render that pushed history
02/17/08 02/18/08 done store preview rect in snapshot and draw it in history OnDraw
02/16/08 02/19/08 done movie recording
02/17/08 02/19/08 done StretchBlt frame to back buffer instead of display to speed repaint
02/16/08 02/20/08 done if thumbnail and frame aspect ratios differ, thumbnail is distorted
02/19/08 02/20/08 done scroll view, make fit in window optional
02/20/08 02/20/08 done progress bar makes screen artifacts when sizing scroll view
02/20/08 02/20/08 done frame memcpy could be avoided using buffer swapping
02/16/08 02/21/08 done allow thumbnail size to vary
02/16/08 02/21/08 done thumbnail list should indicate current history position
02/20/08 02/21/08 done in fit in window mode, center zoom doesn't behave as expected
02/20/08 02/21/08 done drag mode should have continuous preview
02/21/08 02/21/08 done wheel zooming
02/21/08 02/21/08 done history delete
02/21/08 02/22/08 done disable view progress bar during recording
02/19/08 02/23/08 done antialiasing via downsampling
02/22/08 02/24/08 done after canceling render, settings aren't restored to previous values
02/21/08 02/25/08 done zooming or dragging while rendering causes incorrect preview
02/25/08 02/25/08 done compensate for bottom-up DIB by flipping y-axis in engine
02/21/08 02/26/08 done printing and print preview
02/16/08 02/27/08 done multi-core rendering
02/16/08 03/05/08 done full-screen mode
02/16/08 03/05/08 done palette editor
02/16/08 03/05/08 done allow palette to be changed without re-rendering
03/06/08 03/06/08 done give gradient control an eydropper
03/05/08 03/09/08 done palette editor should allow multiple selections
03/06/08 03/09/08 done dragging shade picker's arrow doesn't release capture
03/06/08 03/09/08 done gradient interpolation must handle missing start or end point
03/09/08 03/10/08 done point zoom should keep image centered on the point
03/11/08 03/13/08 done entering coordinates manually doesn't generate thumb rect
03/10/08 03/14/08 done alternate document that saves entire project including history
03/14/08 03/14/08 done entering zero zoom in coords dialog crashes app
03/05/08 03/15/08 done add properties to history context menu
03/05/08 03/15/08 done import RGB palettes
03/15/08 03/18/08 done archive signature is backwards
02/16/08 03/20/08 done undo and redo
03/05/08 03/20/08 done save changes warning
03/20/08 03/20/08 done undo should remove previous snapshot's detail rectangle
02/21/08 03/26/08 done history should allow multiple selections
03/23/08 03/26/08 done continuous mouse zooming
03/01/08 03/28/08 done menu radio button is too small
03/11/08 03/28/08 done changing palette during a render behaves unexpectedly
03/27/08 03/28/08 done keyboard shortcuts for image commands (ss)
04/01/08 04/03/08 done make record dialog modeless
04/01/08 04/03/08 done drag thumbnails from history to record dialog
04/01/08 04/10/08 done engine should always return escape times
04/01/08 04/13/08 done include record info in project container
02/16/08 04/15/08 done try other high-precision math libraries; GMP is the best
04/15/08 04/17/08 done include math precision in snapshot and project
04/17/08 04/21/08 done parameters bar
02/21/08 04/25/08 done reduce progress bar overhead; drive it with a timer
04/24/08 04/25/08 done SSE2 support
04/24/08 04/26/08 done marquee/hand/zoom tools
04/24/08 04/29/08 done show axes
04/22/08 04/30/08 done changing cycle length should apply palette instead of rendering
05/01/08 05/01/08 done busy count goes negative due to race condition in engine
05/07/08 05/07/08 done if snapshot is preview source, deleting it causes incorrect preview
05/03/08 05/08/08 done ctrl+wheel doesn't work if control bar has focus
04/10/08 05/15/08 done record dialog needs start/end frame option
04/10/08 05/15/08 done add record to bitmaps option
02/16/08 05/16/08 done distributed movie rendering via network client/server
04/11/08 05/18/08 done histogram should have optional reticle
07/24/08 07/24/08 done during grid control edit, clicking different row doesn't apply change
05/16/08 09/15/08 done add find servers dialog; allow multiple selection, show busy servers
05/21/08 10/10/08 done detect gaps in frame sequence and repair them
05/16/08 10/14/08 done distributed movie render must create AVI file from bitmaps
10/16/08 10/16/08 done allow port number to be changed, and make UDP server optional
10/16/08 10/17/08 done in servers dialog, need option to add a list of hostnames
10/12/08 10/20/08 done show server performance statistics
10/12/08 10/20/08 done aborting a recording should send cancel to servers
03/11/08 10/23/08 done job queue for batch rendering movies
10/24/08 10/24/08 done add parameters control to record dialog
10/25/08 10/26/08 done handle record points with different parameters/palettes
10/25/08 10/26/08 done open/save palette from within palette dialog, via context menu
10/25/08 10/26/08 done preview option in palette file dialog
04/01/08 10/27/08 done make palette dialog resizeable
04/30/08 10/27/08 done options for continuous zoom step, grid color
10/27/08 10/29/08 done recover incomplete recording; for bitmaps only
10/25/08 10/30/08 done in servers dialog, show a progress bar for each server
11/01/08 11/01/08 done restore defaults button in options dialog
11/02/08 11/05/08 done server /client arg; if present, server connects to specified client
10/27/08 11/06/08 done clipboard support for history
11/06/08 11/08/08 done history should indicate selection and rendered item separately
04/01/08 11/13/08 done drag reordering of history with automatic scrolling
11/06/08 11/14/08 done select history span via editing keys
11/15/08 11/18/08 done convert to MDI
03/01/08 11/21/08 done snapshot should include palette name
11/15/08 11/22/08 done grid control should support drop list
03/05/08 11/28/08 done if selecting a snapshot only changes palette, don't re-render
11/28/08 11/29/08 done show states of tool dialogs should be persistent
11/29/08 11/29/08 done shell open causes incorrect history scroll bar position
04/30/08 12/02/08 done show grid instead of just axes
02/16/08 12/08/08 done remember recent image size, quality and antialiasing values
11/20/08 12/10/08 done project should include bitmap of current image
02/16/08 12/15/08 done distributed exploring; render strips
12/15/08 12/15/08 done changing server listening port fails until app is restarted
12/15/08 12/16/08 done restoring app also unexpectedly restores iconic tool dialogs
10/25/08 12/19/08 done show view's render time; add extra row to servers dialog for local host
12/15/08 12/20/08 done add/remove server(s) during strip job
12/12/08 12/21/08 done reserve space for fractal type in documents
03/11/08 12/22/08 done support other fractal types, e.g. Newton, Lyapunov?
12/22/08 12/22/08 done make parameter bar's column widths persistent
02/16/08 12/26/08 done activating app by left-clicking view unexpectedly renders
11/27/08 12/27/08 done make palette dialog a control bar
12/23/08 12/28/08 done undo for individual palette edits
12/22/08 12/29/08 done Mandelbrot higher powers; cubic, quartic, etc.
12/15/08 12/30/08 done canceling a slow render freezes app; show wait cursor
01/03/09 01/05/09 done optionally cache full-size images in project history
01/04/09 01/05/09 done destroying view doesn't destroy history view
10/27/08 01/07/09 done generate movie from bitmap sequence; external BmpToAvi app
01/10/09 01/10/09 done set GMP precision explicitly, don't rely on default
10/23/08 01/11/09 done bitmap export should allow override of dimensions and resolution
10/23/08 01/11/09 done allow bitmap exports to be queued to job control
12/08/08 01/11/09 done poster export; write strips to disk to reduce memory usage
01/12/09 01/12/09 done include bits per pixel in record info
01/11/09 01/16/09 done poster pause/resume
01/17/09 01/17/09 done include version number in snapshot
01/18/09 01/19/09 done enable Cancel command only while rendering
12/29/08 01/24/09 done allow palette files to be opened via drop
04/01/08 01/25/09 done palette editor should allow dragging multiple selection
01/31/09 02/02/09 done add color offset and color mapping bar
02/02/09 02/03/09 done color mapping bar's sliders should coalesce edits
02/05/09 02/05/09 done handle palette wraparound
01/31/09 02/06/09 done Esc should cancel drag
02/05/09 02/06/09 done color cycling
12/23/08 02/07/09 done optionally save escape times
02/06/09 02/08/09 done use property sheet for options
02/08/09 02/10/09 done if no idle time, going full-screen doesn't hide bars
10/30/08 02/11/09 done recorder's bitmap recovery shouldn't be interactive in batch mode
01/24/09 02/11/09 done record and poster progress should show percent done
02/06/09 02/11/09 done color cycling in movies
01/21/09 02/12/09 done handle multiple network adapters
02/13/09 02/14/09 done don't store redundant escape times for color-only edits
02/06/09 02/16/09 done fast color cycling causes tearing; use DirectDraw
02/06/09 02/16/09 done support dual-monitor
02/06/09 02/16/09 done mirror mode with origin motion
12/22/08 02/18/09 done include imported palettes in most recently used palettes
02/20/09 02/21/09 done properties dialog exits exclusive mode; main thread must own dialog
02/06/09 02/22/09 done optimize color mapping in MMX
02/19/09 02/22/09 done tween palette changes in exclusive mode
02/18/09 02/24/09 done render multiple selected history items
02/21/09 02/24/09 done delete escape times from selected items
02/23/09 02/24/09 done non-client events shouldn't block message loop in exclusive mode
02/23/09 02/25/09 done file browser bar
12/01/08 02/26/09 done export selected history items
02/26/09 02/26/09 done add image cached and escape times to properties dialog
02/26/09 02/26/09 done history command to uncache selected images; warn user first
02/26/09 02/26/09 done escape must exit single-monitor exclusive
02/26/09 02/26/09 done items with escape times but no image are rendered; should be remapped
02/26/09 02/26/09 done distributed render of multiple items stalls after first item; use PostMessage
02/26/09 02/27/09 done strip renders should do color mapping in engine thread
02/26/09 02/27/09 done decouple exclusive source from active document; add mixer bar
02/26/09 02/27/09 done move mirroring, tweening, origin motion from options to mixer bar
02/26/09 02/27/09 done move frame rate option from palette page to display page
02/27/09 03/01/09 done tween halts color cycling; must cycle both old and new palettes
02/27/09 03/01/09 done arrow keys should scroll view; add scroll delta option
02/27/09 03/02/09 done child frame non-client events blocking message loop in exclusive mode
02/23/09 03/04/09 done MIDI support
02/26/09 03/10/09 done crossfading between documents
02/26/09 03/10/09 done allow mixer channels to have different origin motions
02/26/09 03/10/09 done automated crossfading
03/10/09 03/11/09 done palette dropped on a view should open in that view, active or not
03/11/09 03/11/09 done escape should cancel palette drag
03/12/09 03/13/09 done if project is saved with no current history item, reopening it crashes
03/13/09 03/13/09 done quality change needlessly reallocates palette in exclusive mode
02/18/09 03/14/09 done slide show of selected history items
03/12/09 03/14/09 done transform parameters/palette of selected history items
03/14/09 03/16/09 done demo mode
02/06/09 03/23/09 done control bar system menu command to enable/disable docking
03/21/09 03/23/09 done subdivide MIDI properties into global and channel properties
03/23/09 03/24/09 done if app launches maximized, docked sizing bars expand
02/18/09 03/25/09 done if app is maximized, entering/exiting dual-monitor exclusive flickers
03/23/09 03/26/09 done animate fader during autofade
03/29/09 03/29/09 done for some MIDI properties, channel B's controllers access channel A
03/29/09 03/29/09 done in OnEditOptions, don't restore MIDI defaults
03/29/09 03/29/09 done if damping exceeds [0..1] due to MIDI setup range, app crashes
03/28/09 03/30/09 done save/open mixer settings
03/28/09 03/30/09 done loading mixer settings should also load source documents
03/30/09 03/31/09 done on display change, rebuild options dialog's display list
03/30/09 03/31/09 done add refresh list button to MIDI options page
05/24/09 06/01/09 done on entering exclusive mode, initial position of mix fader is ignored
06/30/09 07/01/09 done parameters control's image list must be a member
07/04/09 07/05/09 done movie duration of one frame causes divide by zero
07/04/09 07/05/09 done view keyboard accelerators should work while recording
12/22/08 07/23/09 done Mandelbar set
04/01/08 12/03/09 done movie recording should allow more than two points
12/03/09 12/03/09 done in history bar, canceling drag should also stop scrolling
12/03/09 12/03/09 done in history bar and record dialog, highlight drop position
12/02/09 12/04/09 done zooming beyond range of double gives incorrect X/Y positions
12/07/09 12/08/09 done non-client button down in dialog or floating bar should activate it immediately
12/09/09 12/11/09 done add done and queue columns to servers dialog
12/11/09 12/11/09 done make servers dialog's header state persistent
12/12/09 12/12/09 done local host's progress doesn't always reach 100% for normal renders
12/12/09 12/12/09 done crash on canceling distributed render that increases image size or antialiasing
12/01/08 12/13/09 done canceling deep zoom render is too slow, due to infrequent polling
12/16/09 12/16/09 done add insert button to record dialog; show select images dialog
12/22/09 12/22/09 done reverse color cycling; allow negative color cycling rate
12/25/09 12/25/09 done if record status is hidden during recording, and shown afterwards, data is stale
12/25/09 12/25/09 done for recordings shorter than one second, record status fields remain blank
12/25/09 12/25/09 done when aborting deep zoom recording, servers don't cancel immediately
12/25/09 12/27/09 done status dialog is inconsistent after recording, esp if progress enabled
12/27/09 12/27/09 done duplicate frames in recording; output frame before starting next render
12/27/09 12/28/09 done can't reverse color cycling via MIDI
12/01/08 01/06/10 done 64-bit version
12/09/09 01/09/10 done show bignum version/platform in servers dialog and About box
01/14/10 01/27/10 done in x64, port tween engine's colormap/downsample to MMX
01/27/10 01/27/10 done SSE2 accidentally disabled in 1.0.4; fix conditionals in Engine.cpp
01/14/10 02/01/10 done in x64, port tween engine's dib mix and palette tween to MMX
01/14/10 03/16/10 done in x64, render four pixels at once per thread in SSE code
01/15/10 03/16/10 done add export and transform to history context menu
03/11/08   hold distance estimator  
03/28/08   hold temporal antialiasing  
04/15/08   hold automatically use bignums for zoom above specified threshold  
04/24/08   hold show orbits  
04/24/08   hold show coordinates and iteration count at cursor; navigator bar?  
04/24/08   hold Julia sets  
10/23/08   hold in job control, if shutdown enabled, save check before starting jobs  
10/30/08   hold log file; job start, stop, total rendering time, frames, etc.  
11/24/08   hold try fixed point math for deep zoom  
12/01/08   hold save snapshots of selected history items  
12/02/08   hold grid numbers are all the same at high zooms  
12/02/08   hold improve performance via guessing  
12/02/08   hold rotation of fractal  
12/02/08   hold when dragging, only render invalidated portion of frame  
12/23/08   hold export escape times; to what format?  
12/29/08   hold undo apply palette followed by apply palette causes a needless re-render  
12/29/08   hold palette edit undo is confusing; auto-apply palette edits?  
12/29/08   hold deep zoom for Mandelbrot higher powers  
01/10/09   hold after recording, current history position may not match image state  
01/31/09   hold palette editor should allow multiple selection to be resized  
01/31/09   hold NET Unicode version won't link to BmpToAvi; port BmpToAvi to NET  
02/02/09   hold show commas in bounds and coordinates dialogs  
02/19/09   hold open/save doc with escape times can be slow; show progress  
02/21/09   hold if no escape times, exclusive shows blank screen; warn? start render?  
02/25/09   hold non-destructive palette preview in files bar, esp. in exclusive mode  
02/26/09   hold luma/chroma keying  
02/27/09   hold escape time keying; unaffected by color changes  
02/27/09   hold mixer should show thumbnails of sources  
03/08/09   hold freeframe effects  
03/10/09   hold record mixer output; disable movie recording in exclusive mode  
03/28/09   hold boolean mixing: xor etc. can it still have a crossfader?  
03/28/09   hold momentary control to make B motion same as A, or vice versa  
03/28/09   hold MIDI select next/prev history item; same for palettes  
03/28/09   hold single click zoom, at least optionally; separate tool?  
03/29/09   hold MIDI map slide show settings  
06/04/09   hold mix document doesn't save origins  
07/03/09   hold can't undo record dialog edits  
10/22/09   hold options MIDI refresh should preserve selected device if possible  
12/09/09   hold show machine type and clock speed in servers dialog  
12/16/09   hold pressing Ctrl+A in record dialog selects all in history view  
12/18/09   hold in multi-leg recording, panning is ignored when calculating leg durations  
12/18/09   hold if only one server is rendering, deleting it hangs job; should reprime  
12/21/09   hold UI to customize leg durations in a multi-leg recording  
01/14/10   hold in x64, use SSE instrinsics for rounding  
01/24/10   hold add GDI+ bicubic resizing as optional alternative to bilinear  
02/16/08   punt maximizing app causes docked history bar to glitch briefly  
02/16/08   punt changing frame size can cause black or missing preview  
02/16/08   punt animate preview image, zooming it up to window size; fancy  
02/20/08   punt for big frames in fit in window mode, stretch blit blocks UI  
02/20/08   punt with xvid, first 3 frames are always the same; uncompressed is ok  
02/21/08   punt zooming back out adds duplicate snapshots to history  
03/28/08   punt ctrl+arrow keys should move origin  
04/01/08   punt generalize history view to work with any list of snapshots  
04/15/08   punt histogram should optionally include background value  
05/14/08   punt minimize server to tray; how to do this in console app?  
10/12/08   punt support named pipes as an alternative to TCP  
10/27/08   punt NET uninstall removes BmpToAvi when it shouldn't; use VC6 installer?  
10/30/08   punt client-side port override for individual servers, via hostname:port  
10/31/08   punt view sometimes unpainted until render done; remote desktop only?  
10/31/08   punt server time estimate is sometimes way off at beginning of job  
11/19/08   punt undocking/docking history bar changes scroll position  
11/22/08   punt popup combo box doesn't support exit keys  
11/25/08   punt zooming out or dragging can cause unpainted border around image  
11/29/08   punt distributed record to bitmaps misses frames; can't reproduce it  
12/07/08   punt grid numbers shouldn't scroll with image  
12/15/08   punt server can connect to another server via client flag; feature?  
12/15/08   punt compress strips to increase network throughput; small gain  
12/16/08   punt strip render seems slightly noisier than single-engine render  
12/16/08   punt if shell open fails, MDI child window zoomed state is lost  
12/16/08   punt placement of iconic tool dialogs doesn’t persist; can of worms  
12/16/08   punt mixed strips from VC6 and .NET engines don't line up near FPU limit  
12/22/08   punt newton deep zoom; it all looks the same so why bother?  
12/29/08   punt exiting print preview restores iconic tool dialogs  
01/11/09   punt Photoshop erroneously computes DPI using 39.36 inches per meter  
02/06/09   punt include full screen in image size menu; size of which monitor?  
02/14/09   punt if cycling color, cycle length slider should have immediate effect  
02/24/09   punt thumbnail stretch blit causes significant delay; use worker thread?  
02/25/09   punt move origin in escape frame coords: smoother, but causes temporal aliasing  
02/27/09   punt opening palette can block message loop; cache? use ram drive  
02/27/09   punt horizontal/vertical split screen; flattens origin motion to a single axis  
02/28/09   punt in exclusive, color cycling sometimes splits a render between two palettes  
03/01/09   punt if scrolls are coalesced, thumbnail detail rectangle doesn't update  
03/02/09   punt make options dialog resizable; no need, stacked tabs are fine  
03/13/09   punt status bar indicators don't update if there's no idle time  
03/15/09   punt engine's wait cursor is visible in single monitor exclusive  
03/25/09   punt in dual-monitor exclusive, can't dock bars via dragging; due to non-blocking  
03/29/09   punt save slide show settings in document  
01/15/10   punt history export to My Computer fails silently; SHBrowseForFolder returns false  
01/20/10   punt move color mapping assembler into CDibEngine so it's always used  
01/20/10   punt in recorder, add buffer swap so next render starts before frame is output  
01/24/10   punt round antialiasing pixel averages instead of truncating them; no visisible gain  
01/24/10   punt try down-samping escape values instead of RGB values; looks terrible