Fractice can record movies of your explorations. A movie is defined by a start point, an end point, and a duration. Fractice interpolates the data between the two points, such that the viewer travels from the start point to the end point at a constant speed. The speed is determined by both the distance between the points, and the duration. To increase the speed, choose points that are further apart, or decrease the duration.

Interpolation can occur in all three coordinates (X, Y, and Z), however beginners are encouraged to interpolate in Z only. When interpolating in X and/or Y, the points must be chosen carefully to avoid crossing large empty spaces, which would result in a boring movie. To interpolate in Z only, choose the end point first; then use Image/Zoom Out to zoom out as far as desired without changing the X/Y position, and make the resulting image the start point. If zooming out in steps is too time-consuming, you can set Z directly, using Edit/Coordinates.