Choosing points

The movie's start and end points must already exist in your history. To begin recording, select File/Record or press Ctrl+R to open the Record dialog. Now drag the start point's thumbnail from the History bar to the Record dialog, and drop it onto the rectangle labeled "Start Point". Similarly, drag the end point's thumbnail onto the rectangle labeled "End Point".

Alternatively, you may find it easier to right-click a thumbnail in the history, and select "Start Point" or "End Point" from the context menu; this opens the Record dialog and copies the thumbnail to the appropriate point.

If the start and end points differ in any respect other than their coordinates, Fractice displays the following warning:

Points have different parameters and/or palettes. New point's parameters and palette will be used.

This occurs because Fractice can't interpolate anything but the coordinates. Properties other than the coordinates (image size, quality, antialiasing, palette, etc.) are taken from the most recently added point. Note that it's also possible to override parameters, using the parameters grid in the Record dialog.