Record dialog

The duration of the movie. This can be entered in either time (hh:mm:ss) or frames. Use the Time/Frames radio buttons to select the desired unit.
Frame Rate
The movie's frame rate, in frames per second. Fractional values are permitted. Common values are 29.97 for NTSC, and 25.00 for PAL.
This grid control allows you to override any of the parameters. To change a parameter, left-click it, enter a new value, and press Enter.
Frame Range
To record only a subset of the movie, select "Range" and enter the desired frame range.
Record to bitmaps
Check this box to record the movie as a sequence of numbered bitmaps instead of an AVI file. This is useful for recordings that will take a very long time; see Record to bitmaps.
Queue to job control
If this box is checked, pressing "Start" adds the movie to the job queue instead of beginning the recording immediately.
Press this button to exchange the start and end points. This is useful for trying a movie in reverse.
Press this button to save your changes and dismiss the dialog without starting the recording.
Press this button to save your changes and begin recording.