-Zoom OutZoom out
Ctrl+0Fit in WindowFit the image in the window
Ctrl+1320 x 240Set image size to 320 x 240
Alt+1No AntialiasingSet antialiasing to none
Shift+1Draft QualitySet quality to draft
Ctrl+2640 x 480Set image size to 640 x 480
Alt+22x AntialiasingSet antialiasing to 2x
Shift+2Normal QualitySet quality to normal
Ctrl+3800 x 600Set image size to 800 x 600
Alt+33x AntialiasingSet antialiasing to 3x
Shift+3High QualitySet quality to high
Ctrl+41024 x 768Set image size to 1024 x 768
Alt+44x AntialiasingSet antialiasing to 4x
=Zoom InZoom in
Ctrl+ASelect AllSelect the entire document
Shift+BEdit BoundsEdit the bounding rectangle
Ctrl+CCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+CEdit CoordinatesEdit the coordinates
Ctrl+EExportExport current image as a bitmap
Shift+FToggle FilesShow or hide the files bar
Ctrl+GToggle GridShow or hide the grid
HHand ToolSelect the hand tool
Shift+HToggle HistoryShow or hide the history bar
Shift+IToggle MIDI SetupShow or hide the MIDI setup dialog
Shift+JJob ControlShow or hide job control dialog
Shift+LToggle LevelsShow or hide the levels bar
MMarquee ToolSelect the marquee tool
Shift+MToggle MixerShow or hide the mixer
Ctrl+NNewCreate a new document
Shift+NInvert ColorInvert color
Ctrl+OOpenOpen an existing document
Shift+OOptionsEdit the options
Ctrl+PPrintPrint the active document
Shift+PToggle ParamsShow or hide the parameters bar
Ctrl+RRecordRecord a movie
Shift+RRotate Hue 60Rotate hues sixty degrees
Ctrl+SSaveSave the active document
Shift+SToggle ServersShow or hide the servers dialog
Ctrl+VPasteInsert Clipboard contents
Alt+BackspaceUndoUndo the last action
DeleteDeleteDelete the selection
Shift+DeleteCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
EscCancelCancel the current render
F1HelpList Help topics
F11Full ScreenShow the image full-screen
Ctrl+F11Toggle ExclusiveToggle DirectDraw Exclusive mode
F5RenderRender the current frame
Shift+F5Slide ShowView a slide show of history
F6Next PaneSwitch to the next window pane
Shift+F6Previous PaneSwitch back to the previous window pane
F7Toggle PaletteShow or hide the palette
F8Toggle Color MappingShow or hide the color mapping dialog
F9Toggle Color CyclingShow or hide the color cycling dialog
Shift+F9Cycle ColorsToggle color cycling
Ctrl+InsertCopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Shift+InsertPasteInsert Clipboard contents
Ctrl+XCutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
Ctrl+YRedoRedo the previously undone action
ZZoom ToolSelect the zoom tool
Ctrl+ZUndoUndo the last action