To print the current image, use File/Print or Ctrl+P. It's a good idea to preview the image first, via File/Print Preview, and adjust the printer settings if necessary, via File/Print Setup.

The current image is not re-rendered for the printer. The result depends on whether fit in window is enabled, as shown below:

Fit in WindowAlignmentScaling
YesCentered The image is scaled to fill the page as much as possible, without changing its aspect ratio.
NoUpper-left cornerNone. The image is printed at its actual size in pixels, and clipped if it doesn't fit on the page.

Scaling up a low-resolution image to fill the page may result in a blocky printout. To avoid this, the recommended method is as follows:

  1. Turn "Fit to Window" OFF.
  2. Re-render the image with image size set to match the dimensions (in pixels) of the printable area of the page, i.e. taking the printer's margins into account.
  3. Use print preview to make sure the image fills the page without clipping. If it looks OK, print it; otherwise go back to step 2, adjusting the image size as needed.

Another option is to export a bitmap, and then use an external application such as Photoshop to print the bitmap. Try to avoid resizing the bitmap, as this may introduce unwanted artifacts. For large-format printers and/or extreme antialiasing factors, you should use the poster export to create the bitmap, otherwise you may run out of memory.